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Pyrexo Training offers a range of professional qualifications, taught by highly experienced trainers and assessors. Being professionally qualified and trained on how to perform first aid, along with how to respond in emergency situations, can save lives. Get qualified with Pyrexo Training, as an individual or for your organisation.

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Inside an Ambulance

Chainsaw Certifications - Townsville

Chainsawing and felling come with a range of risks to safety, particularly when dealing with potential injury from the chainsaw, the tree, or other environmental factors. Learn how to safely use chainsaws, and other felling techniques. 


First Aid & CPR Certification

- Townsville

CPR and First Aid training can help save lives in critical situations. Applying first aid can be incredibly stressful, and relies on accurate assessment of the situation, injury, and safety of those around you. Learn how to, and get qualified to, perform first aid in a range of high-stress, life-or-death situations.

FWPCOT2239 - Trim And Cut Felled Trees.j

Fire Certification - Towsville

Required in any high-occupancy building in Queensland, becoming a fire safety advisor (FSA) is an important skill that can add value to you as an individual, along with helping your organisation. Knowing how to handle emergency situations, including fire and other hazards, can also help you handle critical safety situations.

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